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Carpool Questions? Call 800-685-RIDE


Need help getting around? Carpool!

Carpooling is an easy way to cut 50% of your daily commute costs. By sharing a ride, your carpool buddy can take on half of the cost of gas. Not to mention that carpooling is much better for the environment, and can reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.

To get started, click on CARPOOL MATCHING to the right. The Zimride software helps take the guesswork out of carpooling, by setting the financial arrangements and preferences up front. It’s easy!

To calculate how much you can save, try the Go! Vermont Commute Calculator.

Worried about getting stranded at work?  Don’t stress…registered Go! Vermont users qualify for the Guaranteed Ride Home Benefit.

Carpool/Vanpool Parking Passes available!

Just call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to send one along. This pass allows you to park in specially designated parking spots. Another benefit of joining Go! Vermont!

Meet our carpoolers!