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Community Rides

Vermont Agency of Transportation

Community Rides
Volunteer Driver Program

The Community Rides Volunteer Driver Program is a network of volunteer drivers managed through individual regional public transportation providers to offer cost effective transportation to community members in need of a ride. Volunteer drivers provide access to medical and social services, as well as to a variety of other important daily and social needs. Many of those in need of transportation are seniors, individuals with disabilities, and Medicaid clients—those who may be your neighbor, friend or close family member. By becoming a Community Rides volunteer driver, you become a vital connection by providing those in need with transportation that supports their independence, health and quality of life.

How You Can Help

As a volunteer driver, you decide how often you can offer transportation. One, two, three hours or days a week? It’s up to you.

Most trips are centered on medical needs for senior citizens and those with a disability, and those enrolled in the Medicaid program. Appointments typically range from preventative services to dialysis, radiation treatment or physical therapy. Other appointments may be providing rides to senior centers, affordable food locations, and to various human services programs. There is a growing need to also help those who seek addiction prevention treatment and counseling services.

While most appointments are local, others can be as far as Dartmouth or Boston. You can determine the range of transportation service you are able to provide.

The Benefits

The greatest benefit in becoming a Community Rides volunteer driver is the time you spend making a difference to a person in your community. Not only do you provide independence for individuals in need, you make a positive impact on your community and in your own life.

As a volunteer, you will also be reimbursed for mileage, at .575¢* per mile (which is considered non-taxable income).

*Reimbursement is based on current Federal Reimbursement Rate for Mileage, and is subject to change

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