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Bike Motivation & Safety

Find a biking workshop that is right for you!

Your town may have shops participating in the Bicycle Benefits program!
Get discounts at local shops for putting a Bicycle Benefits sticker on your helmet and riding to the shop! Contact Local Motion to request a Bicycle Benefits sticker and a quick reference card for your region.

Have fun!

Riding shouldn’t be a chore. Set your own pace. It’s a chance to enjoy the fresh air while you move your body.

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We encourage everyone to take a bicycling workshop from Local Motion. Local Motion’s workshops are run by experts who are excited to help other people discover the possibilities for incorporating everyday bicycling into any lifestyle.

Everyday Bicycling doesn’t necessarily mean riding your bike every day. Everyday bicycling means using our bicycle to do those everyday trips that we all make, from going grocery shopping, getting to work, or even picking up the kids from school. It’s about making the choice to leave your car behind when you can, in favor of getting outside, and saving gas

All Everyday Bicycling Project services are now FREE for Vermont organizations thanks to VTrans and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. To schedule a workshop or find one near you, please visit Local Motion’s Everyday Bicycling Project page.

Local Motion offers the following bicycle workshops:

  • Introduction to Basic Bike Skills – This on-bike workshop is perfect for adults who haven’t ridden their bikes in a long time. We will help sharpen rusty skills, and even give you brand-new ones!
  • Basic Everyday Bicycling Workshop – This one-hour workshop gives participants the information and encouragement you need to start safely using your bicycle for transportation.
  • On-Street Everyday Bicycling Workshop – This workshop helps participants build skills and confidence for riding on the street! The focus of this workshop will be on feeling comfortable riding with traffic and being safe.
  • Basic Bike Mechanics Workshop – This workshop will give participants the skills you need to be able to roam far and wide on your bike with confidence.
  • Safe Family Everyday Bicycling Workshop – Many people bicycle less after having children. Participants at this workshop will discover how to ride safely with children, and ways to include their child on more bike rides.
  • Winter Everyday Bicycling Workshop – This workshop covers all participants need to know to enter the wild and exciting world of riding through the winter.

Visit Local Motion’s website for more information.

The Vermont Bike-Walk Challenge:
Grab your bike, boots, or shoes and participate in the Vermont Bike-Walk Challenge to win prizes, save money, feel healthier, and cut pollution! This challenge happens at least twice per year through the Go! Vermont smartphone app. Download the app and visit for more info! P.S. E-bikes, scooters, and e-scooters all count for the Challenge and within the Go! Vermont app!

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Follow the same rules as you do in a vehicle:

  • Ride in the same direction as traffic
  • Maintain visibility with lights and signals
  • Use the full lane when appropriate
  • Follow all applicable bicycle laws
  • Be predictable—signal your turns, ride in a straight line, and stop at all stop signs and lights.
  • As a safety precaution, we also recommend riding with a helmet.



Visit the Local Motion website for bike map and route options in Vermont.


Contact Local Motion.

When biking really isn’t an option, Go! Vermont can help, with the Guaranteed Ride Home.


Biking has the power to transform your day. Check out this video – Shed The Monster!