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Discover more transportation options for all your daily needs with our easy-to-use trip tool! With just one search, you can find the travel options available to you throughout the state of Vermont.

The transportation connections in Vermont continue to grow, and as they do, your options for getting around our beautiful state will also grow. The Go! Vermont Trip Planner compiles the transportation options in one easy-to-use tool, so you can get wherever it is you need to go.

Get Started On Your First Trip!

Need help getting started?

Here’s how to use the trip planner tool:

  1. Enter your Start and End Addresses. There are two ways to enter this information:
    • Type the addresses directly into the address bars on the top left of the page.
    • Or, you can drop a pin directly on the map. Simply click directly on the map where you want to start your trip, and you will see a green Start flag appear. Then click on the map where you want your trip to end, and you will see an End flag appear. If you placed the flag incorrectly, you can easily adjust it by “drag and drop”. Just like Google maps, you can zoom in or out of the map for a better view. When you enter addresses by this method, results will automatically appear, but you can refine your results by using the fields to the left.
  2. Just below the End address, you have the option to select an arrival or departure time for your trip. If you don’t select one, the results will automatically show the next availability.
  3. You can also select the arrival or departure time, and date. Click on the icons to the right of the time or date fields, and enter the desired information.
  4. Below the time field, you will see an arrow icon that allows you to swap the Start and End Address information, so you can easily plan your return trip.
  5. Below the date field, you will see a “Show Settings” drop down. Select this to indicate your max walking distance, or select “avoid walking”. All results will show services that require a reservation and services and that have eligibility requirements. However, you can uncheck these boxes to remove those services from the results.
  6. After your information is entered, click “Submit” to see your trip option(s). With each option, you will see the departure date and time, the trip duration expected, applicable costs (if available) for the trip, and the modes that would be used for each trip. If you want more information on any of the trip options, click anywhere on the option box, and it will expand to show the details for each mode on that trip.

We want your feedback!

Please share your experiences using the mapping tool. Look for the link at the top right of the Trip Planner page — “Give us your feedback!”.