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Bike Commuting Options

Select the right bike for your ride

Traditional bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes have long been a great way to get around Vermont, but recent innovations in cargo and electric assist bikes are adding a whole new dimension to how we roll. VBike is a nonprofit organization providing leading-edge bike solutions in Vermont. VBike aims to make bicycles more relevant for Vermonters, by providing information that expand the range, carrying capacity and overall utility of biking for local transportation. To learn more, visit www.vbikesolutions.org.

Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with numerous load-carrying options depending on your needs. Some popular styles and features:

  • Long tails

    An extra-long wheel base makes them incredibly stable and easy to ride. With loads of child-carrying options from seating for toddlers to older kids—and front basket add-ons for more gear—these bikes are popular with parents. Add in the electric-assist option to handle our hilly Vermont terrain with ease.

  • Utility bikes

    Racks, baskets and trailer options make this type of bike the perfect choice to handle a good size haul. The standard wheelbase with a stronger frame and shorter deck makes it a great way to get around our sometimes bumpy roads—while being lighter and more nimble than larger cargo bikes.

  • Long Johns

    Features an incredibly long wheel base and a low-to-the-ground cargo area. The low cargo area adds tremendous stability even with heavy loads or multiple passengers. They can be outfitted with electric-assist and a weatherproof covering, so you can climb the hills with your kids on board, keeping them warm and dry during any Vermont season.

  • Electric Assist Bikes (e-bikes)

    Feature an integrated compact electric motor and battery, to propel your bike when you need it—like on those rolling Vermont hills. The human-power element sets this apart from an electric motorcycle, so you can power your bike by pedaling alone, or with battery power. Add-on kits can turn your favorite bike into an e-bike. Learn more at electricbikereport.com.

Buying your bike

Find retail options for cargo and E-Assist bikes, by town. Remember to check with your local bike store first, to see what options they can provide.

Various types of communter bicycles


Several other styles of bicycle designs work great for commuting or recreation, and include:

  • Road: Designed to travel quickly on paved roads.
  • City: Designed to handle rough urban road hazards (like potholes, grates, and curbs).
  • Mountain: An all-terrain bike for off-road or unpaved cycling.
  • Hybrid: A design that blends the comfort and speed of a road bicycle, with the stability of a mountain bike.
  • Tandem: Two people powering one bike? Comfortable, stable and fun!
  • Recumbent: The rider is in a laid-back reclining position. A bike designed for ergonomic reasons, distributing weight comfortably over a larger area, supported by back and buttocks (rather than on a small portion of the sitting bones, feet and hands like on traditional bikes).

Traveling E-bike Library

The Traveling E-bike Lending Library offered by Local Motion is a service where commuters can borrow e-bikes to try out for several days. Simply reserve your e-bike at one of the Lending Library locations and return it on the last day of the loan period. This is a great way to try out the e-bike commute, and it’s free!

Learn more about the E-bike Library

Safe Streets Vermont

Safe Streets Vermont provides any Vermonter with strategies, resources and support to launch their own Safe Streets initiatives– aiming to improve the safety of people on foot and on bike in their communities.

Learn more about the Safe Streets Program.

Not sure where to start? Talk to our bike guru!

Not sure what style is right for you? Contact Go! Vermont’s resident cargo bike guru, Dave Cohen, with any and all bike-related questions:

Dave Cohen
Go! Vermont Bike Commute Specialist & Director of VBike


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