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Get farther faster with less effort on an E-bike

There’s a silent revolution worldwide happening with electrically-assisted bicycles, and they are becoming very popular in Vermont. Many people find that e-bikes significantly increase their ability to make biking a part of everyday life. Equipped with a battery and motor, and coming in many shapes and sizes, e-bikes are great for transportation, carrying cargo, and getting over Vermont’s hills.


E-bikes are bicycles that include a built-in motor, or e-assist system, to aid in propulsion. In order to be designated as a bicycle under federal regulations, an e-assist system can only take a rider up to 28 mph. Most e-bikes are limited to 20 mph to be legal on separated bike paths. Of course, a rider may pedal to go faster than the 20 or 28 mph limit going downhill, but the motor will cut out when its limit is met.


E-bikes offer appeal for many reasons. Like regular bikes, e-bikes offer convenience, exercise and an excuse to get outdoors. Some appreciate the technological and economical alternative to car ownership; anyone would appreciate using gravity to take them downhill and electricity to take them back up. There seems to be a version for just about anyone from cruisers or mountain bikes, to utilitarian cargo bikes. A big advantage to e-bikes is that it makes long commutes easier. Both time and distance are compressed when you’re riding at 20 or 28 mph instead of 10 or 12 mph. Perhaps you don’t want to arrive at work all hot and sweaty; in that case, let the motor do more of the work and get your exercise on the way home.

Many of Vermont’s bike shops carry a selection of e-bikes. Go try out some different makes, models and types. Try as many different bikes as you can – you’ll probably love all of them!


Rebates and Incentives for E-bikes in Vermont

Green Mountain Power

Green Mountain Power offers customers a $200 rebate for new e-bike purchases.

Vermont Public Power Supply Authority

VPPSA offers a $100 rebate on an e-bike purchase for customers served by one of the following public power utilities: Barton Village, Village of Enosburg Falls, Hardwick Electric Department, Village of Jacksonville, Village of Johnson, Ludlow Electric Light Department, Lyndonville Electric Department, Morrisville Water and Light Department, Northfield Electric Department, Village of Orleans, and Swanton Village.

Washington Electric Coop

WEC offers a  $100 towards the purchase of an e-bike for their customers.

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Go! Vermont November 23, 2021