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Electric Vehicles

Plug in and get rolling

Electric Vehicles (EVs) increase our energy independence and contribute to healthier air and lower carbon emissions. An EV produces less global warming pollution than their conventional counterparts and as Vermont switches over to more renewable electricity, an EV can operate even more emission free. Also, an electric car costs significantly less to run and maintain than a gas-powered car. There is no gas to buy, no oil changes, and fewer moving parts to break or wear out.

Electric vehicles can be powerful, fun, and efficient. There is a wide choice of vehicles available and their driving range is growing with many new models, reducing any “range anxiety”. Also growing is the availability of public charging stations, although most owners will be able, for the most part, to charge at home while they sleep. Incentives can be tax credits, state and power company rebates and special programs for low and middle income Vermonters.

Visit Intro to Electric Vehicles – Drive Electric Vermont for the types and options available.

Learn more about Vermont’s incentives for purchasing an Electric Vehicle with the Statewide Vehicle Incentive Programs | Agency of Transportation.


Go! Vermont November 23, 2021