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Sharing a ride is way more fun

Instead of spending time in a car alone driving to and from work every day, consider sharing the commute and enjoy the ride! When you find others with similar commutes and all go together, everyone benefits:

  • Reduced wear and tear on personal vehicles
  • Shared driving responsibilities
  • Less money spent on gas and maintenance
  • Time to sit back and relax before and after work
  • Fewer vehicles on the road mean fewer carbon emissions with less traffic and parking congestion

Find your perfect carpool buddy:

When you join Go! Vermont, you can find carpool rides that match your schedule and personal ride criteria. Just sign up, enter your start and end address, set your preferences, and you’ll see the carpool ride matches available to you. You’ll even be rewarded for all of your green commutes!

Join Go! Vermont or Sign In 

Call our Q&A hotline with your carpool questions at 800-685-7433.

Another great resource for carpooling is Front Porch Forum, a free online forum specific to your neighborhood where you can coordinate carpooling with neighbors. Looking for other ways to start or join a carpool? Email your co-workers, or post on your employer’s bulletin board.

Carpooling benefits

  • Cut 50% of your daily commute costs!
  • Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Fewer cars on the road mean less carbon in the air.
  • Registered Go! Vermont users qualify for the Guaranteed Ride Home Benefit, so you’re never stranded if plans change.
  • A special pass allows Go! Vermont members to park in specially designated parking spots. Just call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to send one along.

Looking for a Park & Ride?

Vermont has 48 state and municipal Park & Ride lots located throughout the state. Visit parkandrides.vermont.gov for detailed information on each location.

  • Trip Planner

    Use our Trip Planner to find rides for your daily commute, to the doctor’s, or even your favorite ski resort. Don’t want to drive? No problem! Our trip planner will also show you transit, biking, and walking directions. Start Planning »

Sustainable Travel = Green Rewards

When you choose greener travel options like carpool, vanpool, bus, bike or telecommute, you can earn points to redeem for restaurant coupons, retailer discounts and tickets to shows & attractions. It’s free and easy to do!

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Go! Vermont April 25, 2013