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Create a transportation-friendly community

Engaging your community in a dialogue about efficient transportation helps everyone get around easier, saves money, and helps residents, businesses, and leaders create connections that make Vermont such a great place to live and work. Go! Vermont can act as a valuable partner that can facilitate these important conversations and provide planning and promotional resources to help ideas become reality.

Call 800-685-RIDE (7433) or e-mail us to see how we can help!

Connect people to the places they live

The Vermont Transportation Efficiency Network (VTEN)

This network of transportation professionals is available to advise you of opportunities, experiences and success stories. They provide transportation data, surveys that towns can use to find out more about their current system, valuable annual conferences, and more.

Promoting efficient transportation

There are a number of ways you can get involved! Post materials in public spaces, promote the Way to Go! Challenge, identify volunteers, collect data via survey, provide materials or handouts at farmers markets, town meetings, and energy fairs.

Looking for more ideas?

Mobility and Transportation Innovation (MTI) Grant Program

This program is designed to support innovative strategies and projects that improve both mobility and access to services for transit-dependent Vermonters, reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Find out more by visiting Mobility and Transportation Innovations (MTI) Grant Program | Agency of Transportation (vermont.gov)

Go! Vermont November 29, 2016