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Reliable transportation benefits employees & the bottom line

By partnering with Go! Vermont, companies can help employees cut their commuting costs, travel more efficiently, reduce parking issues at the workplace, and address transportation challenges that can be a barrier to getting to work on time. Go! Vermont can provide the skills and resources that complement the benefits you already provide to help everyone succeed at work.

How it works:

  1. Call us to schedule a free commuter audit at 800-685-RIDE (7433). To start, we’ll evaluate where your employees live, how they get to work, and find out what challenges you’re facing as a business.
  2. We’ll connect you with one or more of our free program services that can help solve the issues we uncovered together during the assessment.

Programs include:

  • Vanpool Services – Through our service partner, Commute with Enterprise, employees have the option of vanpooling to work. With a 30-day, no obligation commitment of five or more employees, a van is provided right to your workplace.
  • A Guaranteed Ride Home – This free service ensures that employees can get an emergency ride home in the event that they encounter an unexpected change in plans. They may call a cab or rent a car, and Go! Vermont will reimburse them.
  • Promotional Resources – Free Go! Vermont resources to promote your program internally are available, including branding materials, posters, brochures, email templates, business case studies and links to obtain commuter choice benefits.

Call Us For A Free Commuter Audit


This is the first step to save you time and expense. We quickly assess your problem and connect you to the best service to meet your needs.

Get The Facts:

  • 25% of Vermonters’ bills are transportation related
  • $0.25 per mile in fuel costs
  • $0.45 per mile in repair costs
  • $8,000 Avg. yearly cost to own and drive
  • 11,399 Miles driven per capita

It’s a win, win!

Finding efficiencies in commutes, parking, and work travel can save both the company and its employees time, money, and hassle.

Business Benefits

  • Better commute = Happier employees. Increase job satisfaction, productivity, and morale by reducing the stress and costs associated with commuting.
  • Fewer cars mean more parking. When you reduce traffic and parking congestion from single occupant vehicles you’ll also reduce the demand for dedicated parking and the associated costs for maintenance. Win, win.
  • On-time and inspired employees. Commuting challenges can force employees to be late and even miss work. An effective Commuter Assistance Plan will help get them to work dependably and on time.
  • Make a statement. Knowing that your business is contributing to a better quality of life and cleaner environment just feels good.
  • Low investment. Big rewards. Free services like vanpool services and our Guaranteed Ride Home are easy to set up and quickly pay off. Save big using pre-tax savings on bus/rail and vanpool expenses.

Employee Benefits

  • Cut commuting costs in half. Helping employees save 50% or more out-of-pocket cost on their commute adds up to thousands each year—what a bonus! Bus, Rail and Vanpools save even more with pre-tax savings.
  • Add life to cars. Taking the bus, vanpooling and carpooling takes hard commuting miles off employees’ personal vehicles and saves on wear and tear expenses.
  • Never get stuck. Our Guaranteed Ride Home is a free service and ensures that employees can get an emergency ride home from work. Just call a cab or rent a car and Go! Vermont will reimburse them.
  • Green feels good. People feel better when they know they’re helping the environment.
  • Less stress. Carpooling, vanpooling and taking the bus simply take the stress out of commuting.

Regional Partners

The role of business is critical to achieving shared goals in all modes of transportation from carpooling and transit, to friendly commuting challenges. We make it easy through the Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Network. Consider joining other like-minded companies concerned about transportation efficiency.

Located in regional offices across Vermont, our job is to manage transportation demand and encourage improved efficiencies, connecting you with the best resources and services to advance your goals. Contact us or one of our growing list of regional partners and volunteer driver programs:

Go! Vermont April 25, 2013