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Track Your Bus

Tracking your bus is easy and free.

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Transit is a real-time bus locator and trip planning app. Get upcoming departure times for nearby lines and plan your trip across multiple routes! It’s a simple, reliable way to make your trip easy and predictable.

Transit has many features to help you ride the bus in Vermont

  • Track where your bus is in real-time
  • See bus schedule and arrival times for buses in your area
  • Plan routes to find the best way to get to your destination
  • Step-by-step directions to your destination, including getting to your bus stop, where to get off or connect, and final walking directions to your destination

See nearby bus routes / Track buses and see real-time arrival information / Plan your trip and GO

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Frequently asked questions:

Can I use Transit to Pay for My Fare?

You cannot use Transit to purchase bus fares. For Green Mountain Transit, you can purchase using Token Transit

What other transportation modes are available on Transit?

You can plan trips with buses, rideshare apps like Uber, and walking.

What is “GO”?

When you’ve chosen your route and are ready, you can start your trip by tapping “GO”. The app gives you directions based on your location. You’ll see when you need to leave to head to your stop, when your bus is arriving, where to get off or connect, and how to get to your final destination once you exit the bus. You can set the app to send you push notifications as you go along your route. As an added bonus, you’re helping others riders by anonymously sending more accurate location info of the bus you’re riding.

Do I need to let Transit use my location?

Yes, in order to use the main feature of Transit, you need to allow access to your phone’s location services.

What if I just want to look at bus schedules?

Transit’s main screen shows nearby lines and your position on the map along with the next departure time at the nearest stop. You can tap any of these lines to see the bus routes on the map, launch a “GO” trip on that line, see the next three arrivals, and view the rest of the schedule.

Go! Vermont January 3, 2020